The World According to Amazon (2019)

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1hr 18 min | English | Adrien Pinon & Thomas Lafarge

It’s a global empire run by the world’s richest man. Amazon, the world’s top online retailer, has revolutionised the global economy and the flow of goods. How does this hidden empire work? Who is Jeff Bezos, its iconoclastic boss? What is the essence of this company as it prepares to completely transform capitalism in the twenty-first century?

We speak to Amazon employees, from workers to executives, who describe a model that they have experienced from the inside. A model establishing employees as robots, with every movement they take structured on a mathematical pattern to be as productive as possible. We also investigate how Amazon plans to become the intermediary of all our purchases, eliminating the concept of different territories. How they store data storage and their striking power. And the philosophy of the company and that of its leader, the libertarian Jeff Bezos, obsessed with the future… 

The title is unavailable in France and French Territories, US and Canada.

The World According to Amazon

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