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The New Maharajahs (2017)

51m | English | Olivier Le Hellard

There are now more billionaires in India than there are anywhere else in the world, excluding China and America. From glitzy Bollywood weddings and luxury yachts, to building gigantic towers and palaces and holidaying around the world, these new Maharajahs compete with each other to spend more. 

Although the majority of Indians live below the poverty line, these select billionaires live off of the riches of the country’s growing economy. Not only do we follow the glamorous side of this high life, but we also uncover how many are getting away with tax evasion and money laundering. 

We immerse ourselves in the lives of billionaires with very different profiles: from rich heirs to the self-made men. What difficulties do they face in getting to the top? During this 6-month long investigation, we infiltrate this tightly knit circle of India’s new billionaires.

The New Maharajahs

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