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The Longest Voyage (2021)

77m | English | Manuel H. Martin

2022 marks the 500 year anniversary of Magellan and Elcano’s landmark circumnavigation of the globe. It was a turning point in history: an incredible three year voyage that opened the gateway to the modern age. 

Before, man saw the world in a completely different way. It was considered much smaller. Seas were thought to be inhabited by monsters. There was no concept of how the world was connected. In circumnavigating the globe and charting our world, Magellan and Elcano opened the door to man’s next challenge: the journey into space. Like Magellan, the astronauts of today are journeying into the complete unknown. And there are striking similarities between the modern exploration of space and the age of the great explorers. Both the Space Race and the Age of Discovery were races between two superpowers that divided the world. Both involved extremely dangerous journeys, posing enormous human and technical challenges, that changed humanity forever. 

‘The Longest Voyage’ is an animated documentary from the award-winning team behind ’30 Years of Darkness’. The first journey to the moon and the first voyage around the world. Twin stories on two of humanity’s greatest ever achievements. Different eras. The same adventure. Man and his need to discover new horizons.

The Longest Voyage

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