Stranger than Fiction: The Nanny Killers (2018)

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54 mins | English | Marc di Rosa

The murder of French au-pair Sophie Lionnet by her employers made headlines all over the world. From the horrible circumstances of her death, to the obsession of her killer with a pop-star ex-boyfriend and their crazy delusions of celebrity paedophile rings, it was a case that seemed too unbelievable to be true.

It all began in Wimbledon, London, when a neighbour noticed black smoke coming out of a garden and called the fireman. When the firefighters arrived, they discovered the remnants of Sophie’s body burning on a bonfire. Her employers were quickly arrested but as Scotland Yard started investigating, the case took on a disturbing new dimension. 

In this film, we hear from Sophie’s family and friends and attempt to answer the question that will forever haunt her grieving parents: how could this happen?

Stranger than Fiction: The Nanny Killers

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