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Obesity: America in Danger (2019)

52m | English | Edward Haywood

Never in all its history has America been so obese. Despite repeated government efforts to encourage the population to slim down, the obesity rates just keep climbing. 160 million Americans are severely overweight. Faced with this staggering figure, healthcare professionals are trying to find new, more efficient and more aggressive treatments for this illness… 

We meet Casey, one of the few people whose weight has become a matter of life and death, and travel to Arizona to see an innovative new academy helping young girls learn healthy habits and slim down. 

Despite the rising obesity crisis, a new movement is shaking up the United States: body positivity. Through lucrative social media accounts, popular magazine covers and even successful ‘Miss Plus’ beauty pageants, overweight Americans are learning to flaunt their curves and love themselves no matter their size.

Obesity America in Danger

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