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Nisman (2020)

6 x 1h | English | Justin Webster

A dead body, terrorism and Iran, the CIA and the FBI, corrupt governments and mysterious cover-ups… These are some of the ingredients of ‘Nisman: the Prosecutor, the President and the Spy’ which will fascinate audiences eager to watch high-concept, gripping, complex, political crime stories with enormous international resonance. This is a profoundly researched, character-driven story of crimes, spies and cover-ups. Triggered by a mysterious death, rival narratives of good and evil, of suicide or murder, and of truth itself, unfold through police investigations and political crises. Overshadowing everything is the obscure and complex world of international intelligence services.


Into The Labyrinth

Conspiracy theories abound when Argentinian special prosecutor Alberto Nisman is found dead, four days after spectacular accusations against President Cristina Kirchner, of a massive cover up of Iran’s guilt in a terrorist bombing. He was found lying in a pool of blood hours before he planned to present the results of his allegations about the 1994 AMIA bombing. From the beginning, the US and Israel were deeply involved in the case.

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January 18, 2015. Alberto Nisman is found dead in his bathroom. The case of investigating Nisman’s death falls to Viviana Fein, an ordinary prosecutor from a local court. Amid media frenzy, she starts investigating the crime scene. The whole country, and international news coverage ask one question: Was Nisman’s death suicide or murder?

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The Spy & The Prosecutor

The most feared man in Argentina is a spy, Jaime Stiuso, who appears for the first time on camera to tell the story of how he helped Nisman in his investigations, and how he is now a under threat of death from Cristina Kirchner, because he is convinced Nisman was murdered. But the story of how Stiuso built the case against Iran, leading to identifying Hezbollah suspects in the US, raises surprising questions.

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Five Days

Five days before he is found dead, Alberto Nisman abruptly cut short his family holiday to return to Buenos Aires. There, he filed a 300 page report accusing President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and her chancellor, HWith phone records and emails and testimonies of his ex-wife, friends, colleagues and spies, the last five days of Nisman’s death unfolds to reveal the intense pressures he was under, his state of mind, and the backstory of his relations with Cristina Kirchner’s government, which became the document he was writing just before he died. Hector Timerman, the former foreign minister, appears to tell a very different story of Argentina’s dealings with Iran to investigate the AMIA bombing.

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As unrest over Nisman’s death grows and more and more people are convinced he was murdered. An estimated 400,000 march in silence through Buenos Aires in torrential rain to honour and mark his deatWith a change of government – in part thanks to the Nisman scandal – a new investigation tries to establish that Nisman was murdered. New police go over the evidence, criminal experts dispute blood-splatter, and Fein reappears to defend her investigations, which found no evidence of murder. Nisman’s computer expert, and only suspect in custody, appears to defend himself and make revelations about Nisman and money.

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Powerful Lies

Stiuso returns to Argentina from the US to support the accusations against Cristina for being behind the murder of Nisman. When a well-known lawyer and former prosecutor, Luis Moreno Ocampo, accuses him of being behind manipulated evidence in the AMIA case on prime time TV: Stiuso amazingly calls in and they clash. Stiuso struggels to explain why he faild to answer calls from Nisman hours before his death. The FBI and the CIA make extraordinary revelations about the AMIA investigations. The country remains deeply divided. Through testimonies of main characters the most likely answer to the question of whether Nisman committed suicide or was murdered comes inexorably into focus.

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Currently unavailable in North America, South America, France and the French Territories, Spain, Denmark, Belgium & Norway


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