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Love and Sex in the USA (2019)

58m | English | Antoine Lassaigne

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From sex scandals with global repercussions to promoting a national chastity movement, American views on sex veer from one extreme to the other. We travel across the country to find out more. 

Silicon Valley executive, Nathalie, doesn’t have time to look for a soul mate. So she’s hired a relationship coach for $30,000 to do it for her. As well as hand-picking candidates, her coach discreetly monitors her dates, feeding her instructions through an earpiece on how to behave. 

For many, sex is guided by their religion. Nathalie and Matthew chose to remain virgin until marriage. But in some cities, Evangelical Christianity is making access to abortion virtually impossible. Gynaecologist, Willie Parker, regularly receives death threats for providing abortions in the southern states. 

Meanwhile, Adam, Brooke and Eve are poly-lovers, raising their four children together.

Love and Sex in the USA

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