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Love and Sex in India (2018)

58m | English | Sarah Fournier

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It’s the birthplace of the Kama Sutra and Bollywood romances but in real life, kissing in the street or just talking about sex in India is considered obscene. In a place where 90% of marriages are arranged and the bride’s family must pay a large dowry, young girls are taught that society considers them a burden. Millions of baby girls are abandoned or illegally aborted. A series of brutal rapes and murders have led to claims of a ‘rape culture’ in India. We investigate the role of India’s system of castes and customs and hear from a lawyer who defends parents who have murdered their children in ‘honour’ crimes. 

We also meet openly gay Prince Manvendra who fights for his love and for his society to become more accepting and educated in a country where homosexuality is illegal. From forbidden love stories to arranged marriages and spectacular weddings where the bride and groom only just met, we follow the epic stories of young couples in India.

Love and Sex in India

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