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Kashmir: War in Paradise (2019)

52m | English | Paul Comiti

Kashmir is one of the most heavily militarized zones in the world. In the North, Azad Kashmir – often referred to as the ‘free’ Kashmir – is run by Pakistan and guarded by 150,000 soldiers. In the South, known as Jammu and Kashmir, the mainly Muslim population is guarded by 700,000 Indian soldiers. It has been in a constant state of war since 1947.

At great risk, our team was able to enter both parts of Kashmir, filming in areas that very few journalists are authorized to enter. In the Indian sector, we met one of the leaders of the independence rebellion who is regularly targeted by the Indian authorities. According to NGOs, thousands of men have been tortured or ‘disappeared’ by the Indian police.

On the Pakistani side, General Jawad is keen to show us how they prevent Islamic militants and the Taliban from establishing a foothold here again. But regular breakdowns in the ceasefire with India mean that citizens continue to get caught in the crossfire.

This film is unavailable in: Andorra, France & French Territories, Pakistan

Kashmir War in Paradise

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