Inside Maryland's Prisons (2020)

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52m | English | Mathilde Gautry

In Maryland, zero tolerance is the new normal. Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, who is also warden of Frederick prison, prides himself on a his tough reputation. Here, inmates are dressed in stripped prison uniforms and every aspect of their life is strictly controlled. The Sheriff has invested half a million dollars on this state-of-the-art system, which allows guards to monitor the slightest movements of the prisoners in real time.

But despite the tight regulations, gang leader Blake has found a way around the surveillance. “The Sheriff thinks that they’re in control but they really have no idea”. He claims that some of the guards work for them. A few years ago, in a different jail, his gang was able to set up an alcohol, drug and cell phone trafficking ring with the help of some wardens.

At Jessup, the local women’s prison, mother and daughter Natasha and Chamal are hoping to qualify for early release. They received 20 and 28 year sentences after being involved in a fight that broke a man’s legs. Chamal was just 16 at the time. But in deeply conservative Maryland, clemency is not a vote winner. What chance do they stand?

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Inside Maryland's Prisons

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