Innocent on Death Row (2017)

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90 mins | English | Jessica Villerius

At just 19 years old, Clinton Young was charged with the murder of two men and sentenced to death. Now, 14 years later, he is still awaiting execution and continues to plead he was not the real killer. With the conflicting testimonies not quite adding up and his DNA not on the evidence, is the wrong man on death row? 

In November 2001, Young, along with three other men, left to pick up drugs on a journey that would rapidly spiral into chaos. A journey which ended up with two men dead. Despite strong evidence of irregularities at his trial, conflicting statements and the suspicion that key witnesses were co-erced, Young was given the death penalty. 

Through personal interviews with his family and witnesses, simulations with ballistic experts and frank discussions with Young himself, Jessica Villerius delves deep into the case. A captivating investigative documentary. 

This film is unavailable in: Aruba, Belgium, Caraçao, Netherlands, Sint Maarten, Ukraine

Innocent on Death Row

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