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Extreme Road Videos: Russia (2021)

52m | English | Anna Levashkevich

Russia is the continent’s most dangerous country in terms of road safety. More than 18,000 people die on the roads there every year. But since the 1990s, drivers started equipping their vehicles with on-board cameras as a bulwark against police corruption and traffic conflicts. Now, more than one in four vehicles is equipped with an on-board dash camera.

Small and cheap, these cameras have become almost essential in the eyes of Russian motorists. Because they are the best evidence in the event of an accident. From pedestrians deliberately throwing themselves under the wheels of cars so that they can later claim compensation, to sensational accidents, these cameras capture everything. And it’s not just the drivers who rely on them. Pedestrians and campaigners have also started using them to film the dangerous behaviour of drivers. People driving on pavements, cars parked in crazy locations, the videos are then posted on YouTube where they attract thousands of comments.

Russia is also home to the motorcycle bloggers. These are usually pretty young women who perform dangerous bike stunts while wearing little clothes and even less safety equipment. But by pushing the limits, sometimes their videos end very badly….

Extreme Road Videos Russia

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