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Eat, Grow, Love (2018)

6 x 25m | English | Þórður Jónsson & Heather Millard

We often ask ourselves, how can I contribute to a more sustainable society? In this six part series, we travel across the globe to reveal how permaculture can contribute to a more sustainable society.

Most of us dream of eating healthier and have a strong desire to get back in touch with mother nature. Our time today is precious, we lead such hectic and stressful lives and consume because of convenience. We’ve become distracted and detached from nature.

What if a simple set of design principles known as permaculture could help us to have the knowledge to grow our own food, on our windowsill, back garden or even our roof without it taking up all of our precious time? Permaculture can help us design systems to grow our own food in the most highly productive and regenerative manner possible.

‘Eat, Grow, Love’ focuses on 6 individuals from across the globe: Iceland, Palestine, USA, Australia, UK and India who have all found that the answer to their problems lies in permaculture.

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“One of the great things about permaculture is that you can apply it anywhere”. In this introduction to permaculture, we go to Australia and discover Robyn Francis’ intricate system, Djanbung Gardens.

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New York

In this episode we visit Gil Lopez in Queens, in New York City, to explore Smiling Hog’s Head Ranch.

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In this episode, we visit Solheimar Eco Village in Iceland, a permaculture system where people live, which is specially adapted for those with special needs and disabilities.

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In this episode, we meet Murad Alkhuffash, who teaches classes on permaculture to the locals in Marda, Palestine.

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In this episode, Dave Richards shows us his creation: Risc Roof Garden. Here, he has managed to grow 190 different species and varieties of plant in soil that is only 30cm deep.

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“People have lost a relationship with where their food comes from. A society that does not know where its food comes from is a society without culture, and humanity without culture will perish.” Krishna Mckenzie teaches us that modern agriculture has strayed too far from tradition: he shows us his own methods at Solitude Farm in India.

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Eat Grow love Series

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