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61 mins | English | Madeleine Leroyer

On 18 April 2015, a nameless boat sank off the coast of Libya, killing an estimated 800 migrants. It was the worst tragedy in the mediterranean since World War II. The Italian government took the unprecedented decision to surface the wreck and try to identify the victims. 

Cristina Cattaneo leads the identification operation. A hoodie, pants, a belt. That’s what’s left of ’Number 387’. From an examination of bones, 3D reconstruction and cross-checking DNA, Cristina and her team will do everything possible to name each shipwrecked number. In Greece, Pavlos Pavlidis has been working to identify anonymous migrants’ bodies for 17 years. Today, like Cristina, he is one of the representatives of the ICRC for the identification of Mediterranean victims. 

In the coming months, they will make every possible effort to name each shipwrecked number. Who are they? Who are we?


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